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Update: DIY Wedding Photo Booth: real ‘strip’

So for some reason, I never thought of doing this: cut the 4 x 6 sheet in half, so that it is 2×6. The automator workflow prints perfectly to this size, and it seems like most photo printers have paper size adjustments to hold the strip. Here’s some photos:


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DIY: Wedding Photo Booth

[Edit: November 24, 2013  After a few updates to Mac OS X, my photobooth isn’t working with the few latest operating systems. I’ve decided to retire this photobooth project for now. I sincerely thank you to everyone who has offered their support and of course everyone who has smiled and captured memories in the photobooth. -David]

August 16, 2009: In the early stages of planning for my sister Helen’s wedding, we saw advertisements for real photo booth rentals–like the ones you see in the arcade! We liked the idea a lot, but didn’t want to spend the money (and why pay someone else for equipment you can use only for 1 day?)

We decided that we would use our Macs, Automator, and some brainpower to create our own, personalized photo booth that would function exactly how we want it to, cost little to operate, and be available for future special occasions!

I wrote an automator workflow that:

1. Prompted the user for their name (which was inserted in the filenames of the images)

2. took the user’s picture 3 times

3. arranged the photos vertically in a strip

4. displayed the photo strip to the user

5. printed the photo strip

6. saved both the individual images and photostrip pdf file in a folder on the mac

photo strip

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