If you just donated, please sit tight and wait for me to email you the application. (I usually send it within minutes, but occasionally it may take me up to 12 hours to respond.)

In the meantime, please read the following FAQ: (last updated December 22, 2010)

I receive lots of questions, so here are a couple of the frequently asked questions:

1. Can you explain how to run this workflow? I don’t have any experience with Automator.

The workflow can be run simply by double clicking on ‘David Cline’s Photo Printer’ There’s no need to open Automator unless you want to make modifications to the workflow.

2. How did you print a border on the paper? Can I add this into the workflow?

We designed the border using Photoshop, and printed it onto the paper ahead of time, and then ran the pre-printed sheets into the printer on the day of the event.

3. When I double click ‘David Cline’s Photo Printer,’ it asks me for my name and then does nothing or  does nothing at all. / I’m getting an error about ‘New PDF Contact Sheet’ What’s wrong?

If you are using OS X 10.4 (Tiger), the “photo booth” functions are not supported by Tiger’s Automator. Currently my application only works with 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard. Please double check that you correctly followed the installation instructions; The folder ClinePhotoBooth, propper cropper.action, and MakePDF (in v2.7) need to be in the correct locations in order for the booth to function. (When you are copying the supporting files to their destinations, always start from Macintosh HD). If you are using 10.5 Leopard, you must run version 2.5 of my software. For 10.6 Snow Leopard, you must run version 2.7

4. Can I use an external camera/DSLR camera/webcam/etc. with your workflow?

As long as you have a camera that is a mac-compatible webcam (all Universal Video Class UVC cameras work on Mac), it should be able to work with the workflow. So far I’ve only used it on a MacBook’s built-in iSight, so I can’t really provide help with using other cameras. I’ve heard some users connecting Nikon DSLR’s to their Macs, but this may require some tinkering in Automator (i.e. changing action Take Video Snapshot to Take Picture, or something like that. Play around with it for your individual set-up)

5. Can I make modifications to the workflow?

Of course you can! This is the beauty of Automator. Toy around with it and figure out better ways to do what YOU want it to do.

6. Is it possible to make the image preview window larger?

It’s not possible to change the size of the window specifically, but a workaround is possible: change the resolution of your display to 800 x 600. Everything will still be visible on screen, but the dialog boxes will be larger and easier to read, and also the preview window will be a lot larger.

7. My photos print out really huge. Is there a way to tell the printer to print it smaller? / Do I need a 4×6 printer? / Can I use this with my 8.5 x 11 standard printer?

My recommendations are to use a compact photo printer that prints strictly 4×6 prints. I use EPSON’s PictureMate. It’s compact, the ink lasts quite a while, and its easy to carry around and set up. (Stay away from Dye-Sublimation printers like the Canon Selphy, as you cannot do two-pass printing like the border, and then the photos. These printers can only print once on their specialized paper.
Inkjet printers like the EPSON PictureMate allow you to slice the 4×6 down the middle, to make a 2×6 strip. The printer tray has sliders that will hold these skinny strips upright in the center of the paper feed! EDIT: This user has successfully printed using an 8.5×11 printer. I haven’t tried this method yet, so your mileage may vary: How to print 4×6 size using an 8.5×11 printer

8. Does this work with Snow Leopard now?


9. How can I print 2 copies of the photo strip?

We were content with a digital copy for ourselves, and 1 printed copy for guests, but if you’d like to have 2 printed copies, simply add an additional ‘Print’ action (right after the existing Print action) so that it calls the Print function twice. I would still suggest cutting the 4×6 paper in half to create 2x6in strips. Then, you’ll have a copy for yourselves, and one for your guests!

If you’re content with 1 printed copy, you can always reprint or publish the digital copies online. They are saved in Macintosh HD > ClinePhotoBooth > Saved Images

10. What kind of printer should I use?

I recommend Epson PictureMate printers- they are dedicated 4x6in printers, and can handle strips of paper cut to 2x6in. Please avoid Canon Selphy printers- they often do not cooperate with the workflow, and some users have reported that they will refuse to print occasionally.

If you haven’t downloaded the booth yet, what are you waiting for? Donate and start taking awesome photo booth pictures now!

If you’re still experiencing a problem with the photo booth that isn’t answered here, please see the GetSatisfaction Knowledge Base


6 responses to “FAQ

  1. How do you light your photobooth? I’m trying to tell by squinting at the little picture on your header, lol!

  2. I wanted to have a photo booth but didn’t want to for a booth for one day. In addition my wedding is in Trinidad so the cost would have been redic! Now not only do I have my photo booth but a personalized gift for all my guests. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Hi David,
    I just bought an Epson picturemate to use your program. It works well so far, I just would like to know how you changed the paper size. I cut one piece of photo paper in two, as you recommended, but the printer only prints half the pic on it. And I already changed the guide bar (or however it’s called) to the right position. So do I have to adjust something in the automator or on the printer?

    Thanks! Laura

  4. I found your blog web site on google and check just a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the excellent operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. In search of ahead to reading extra from you later on!…

  5. @ Laura and anyone else too-
    You’ll need to use a printer that holds the 2×6 paper in the center of the paper intake tray. If your printer only lets you slide the paper to one side, get creative with some cardboard or plastic to hold the paper in the center

  6. @Alicia
    in those pictures up top we used home improvement lights- those clamp/dome lights with some CFL bulbs inside. I used discs of tin foil to act as a blocker, similar to a beauty dish light (so that the light isn’t right in the users’ eyes.

    for a more recent wedding, I used two 18in fluorescents- one sitting on the table in front of the macbook (right behind the USB keyboard), and one more tied above the people sitting in the booth. it produced a very ‘photoboothy’ feel…and the prints looked great! (the epson tends to print a little darker than what’s on the screen, so having additional lighting is sometimes necessary- depending on your location, set-up.

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